Water Treatment

At EcoWater Systems Europe, we have a wide range of solutions to improve Water Quality, for both residential and commercial use.

Water Softener eVOLUTION range


Although hard water is generally safe to use, it can cause a variety of problems related to cleaning and appliance life and efficiency. For many applications (for example in health care), soft(ened) water is even mandatory.

EcoWater softeners provide hard water treatment by removing calcium, magnesium and sediment from the water, both in residential as well as in commercial environments.

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

If you have stringent demands in water quality, reverse osmosis is the technology that delivers. Industries like health care and food service use reverse osmosis extensively, but it is also used in car washes, in the production of electronics, as well as in the drinking water system in your home.

water filtration

Filtration & more

EcoWater has extensive experience in the treatment of underground water in general and deferrisation in particular.  Futhermore, we can help you with UV treatment, CEDI, dosages, ... Our comprehensive line of filter systems can be customized to meet all your needs.


Drinking water

The quality of your tap water may meet local standards, but it might not meet your own. Fortunately, you can get cleaner, clearer drinking water with an EcoWater drinking water purification system.

An EcoWater drinking water filtration system is more convenient and less costly than buying bottled water. Best of all, it pays for itself over time and makes a difference you will notice every day.

We have solutions for your home as well as solutions for the workplace.