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Water treatment isn't always based on city water. We at EcoWater have the know-how to treat groudwater or rainwater as well. 
Apart from that, we also deliver advanced treatment technologies, like CEDI, UV treatment, and more. 

Filtration: Groundwater

Some remote homes are not connected to a municipal water system, and are therefore dependent on groundwater from a well as their primary source of water. Alternatively, business with a high water consumption like agriculture or car washes often use groundwater to keep costs down.

Still, in practically all cases, water quality remains essential. EcoWater’s innovative filtration techniques can help you address these water quality issues. We can deal with common contaminants like iron, manganese and nitrates, to deliver great water quality at a minimal cost.

Advanced techniques:CEDI, UV, ...

In a hospital environment, water used in sterilization units is often treated with a UV filter to keep bacteria away without additives. Speaking of hospitals, the purest water quality is achieved with CEDI filtration. And should additives still be needed, we know our way around dosages.

In short, we have the technology to meet all your needs.

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